Discover Tanning Salon Business Building Techniques And Increase Your Sales!

Owners and Managers Of Any Tanning Salon Will Tell You That Keeping A Steady Stream Of New Customers Coming In The Door And Retaining Them Is A Challenging Task. Here's How We Can Help...

high pressure tanning bedThe tanning industry is changing, competitors are charging into every city and town in the world, and the industry is getting hit by negative media campaigns every spring, and throughout the summer.

To weather these challenges and keep your salon profitable, you have to practice solid business building skills. For example, you have to consistently market your salon, train your staff on sales and management techniques, keep maintenance up on your tanning equipment, and dump your old equipment for better, more advanced technology that can help you make more money.

That's just for starters.

Sounds a bit grim. But those of us who are doing well know that it can be a very fun and rewarding business as well. If you build your business using street smart techniques.

That's exactly what we want to help you achieve. I will be adding more articles on how to run a successful tanning salon as well as announcing new product and coaching programs that are guaranteed to help you crack the code and live an amazing lifestyle while running a fun and profitable business.

Even if you have a multi services salon with spa treatments, body wraps, and massage, you too will discover new ways to market your salon and uncover profit centers you may not have known existed in your business.

sun ergoline tanning bedTanning salons world wide are seeing amazing growth in their businesses. But many are closing down or getting run over by their competitors. Where do you want to be?

Bookmark this site now because you will find it to be a major resource for your sales, marketing, and management efforts.

Looking to start or buy a salon? Trying to figure out your exist strategy? Stay tuned.

Thank you for your time,

Brian and Angie Maroevich
Salon Owners, Marketing and Management Advisors, and Proud Parents


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