Airbrush Tanning Equipment Advice

What airbrush tanning equipment is right for you? Consider the following:

Will you be tanning clients often. In other words, at least one per day?

Will you tan your clients in an environment where any noise from your airbrush tanning equipment will be a problem for your other customers?

If you won't be tanning clients often or it's for personal use, then a low cost starter hvlp airbrush tanning system will be fine. But once you start tanning people more often you must invest in a better, more reliable airbrush equipment like the Minimist.

  • For mobile, get the Apollo HVLP Mini-Mist System . It comes with a pop up tent and other goodies. It's a good machine, and it's quieter than most other spray tanning machines.
  • For your salon get the Complete Apollo HVLP Turbine Spray Tanning System. It comes with lots of bonus airbrush tanning supplies that make it the best deal anywhere. Plus this machine operates quietly which you will find is extremely important for all kinds of spray tanning situations, and you can't tote it around easily through the salon.

airbrush tanning equipment

We like the Apollo line of spray tanning systems because they are higher end machines that live up to their higher price.

However, if you are on a tight budget and you need a decent machine, consider getting the Deluxe Turbo Tan HVLP Tanning System.

It is a lightweight machine that is easy to carry to appointments or from room to room in your salon. It's efficient. They say you can spray someone in just two minutes. But it always takes longer. 5 minutes would be a fast session. And top pro's take even longer so don't let that be the selling point. However, it uses solution efficiently for a cheaper airbrush tanning machine.

They claim that is only uses about 2 ounces of solution per session, but usually more is required. So be prepared to use 3 or 4 ounces which is still pretty good for this kind of airbrush tanning equipment.

You will like what you get for your money with the Deluxe Turbo Tan HVLP Tanning System.

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Another brand to consider are Fantasy Tan's airbrush tanning equipment. We have heard good things about them, and their machines are quiet as well.

One last tip. If you are going to be mobile make sure your equipment is not too heavy and invest in a travel bag that will carry your spray tanning machine and all of your supplies. This carry bag should be easy to pack and be highly mobile.

Also, make sure the airbrush tanning equipment you get is not more than 25 pounds, unless it will stay in a fixed location, or you are quite strong. Carrying something like that and moving it about can be quite a problem over time.

For tips on airbrushing tanning watch this video...

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