Here's How To Find The Best Marketing For A Tanning Salon

If you want the best marketing for a tanning salon, the answer is simple. Test. I know, what am I talking about? Test?

You have to test different marketing opportunities like coupons, direct mail, newspaper, inserts, coops, tv, radio, and the Internet to name a few. And you have to test different offers. Once you find your best pulling offer, test it in 'like' media. Meaning, people looking for coupons and 'freebies' may not respond as well to offers from the web, TV, or radio.

A common mistake when it comes to the best tanning salon marketing piece is to assume that everyone wants the same thing. It couldn't be farther from the truth.

The best marketing for a tanning salon will result from simple testing of media, offers, and also the time of year. For example, a coupon in a December mailing may not pull well, but the same offer might pull well in April. So you have to change the offer based on the time of year and measure results during the slow and busy seasons.

Your best tanning salon marketing will change. A good offer doesn't last. Contrary to what advertising reps want you to think, response rates fall over time. You have to mix it up month after month. In other words, don't make the same offer all the time because people will think that it's not a good deal if they see it over and over. So to encourage use of the coupons or offers, change it up.