The Fit Body Wrap Review For Salon and Spa Owners Deciding Between All The Infrared Wraps Out There...

fit body wrap

Fit Body Wrap and Formostar are the top two infrared body wrap products in my opinion. Other players are entering the market like ThemroJet.

Although Formostar has the most market share based upon keyword searches and seeing what other salon owners are saying. But Fit Body Wraps are quickly making a dent in the market because they are touting their advantages to salon owners and potentially better results from their infrared body wrap system.

If you are not familiar with infrared body wraps or using far infrared rays to treat ailments or weight issues. Here is how it works in a nutshell.

The benefits are...

  • It requires less attention than Formostar or other infrared body wrap systems. This will save you money on paying for additional help for the body wrap.
  • Secondly, it's Tmax timer ready. So you don't have to modify your body wrap system like we did with our Formostars.
  • Replacement pads are not as expensive and they are less like to break than the Formostar pads.
  • Support is better (according to my friend). With Formostar we had a hard time tracing down a support team because our sales representative disappeared on us. And getting them to do things in a timely manner is like pulling teeth.
  • It's also easier to clean.

If you want to get a Fit Body Wrap you can contact us because we may be able to get you a good deal from our friend. Serious inquiries only (ready to buy) because we have nothing to gain from this.

Fit Infrared Wrap: The Basics

Fit Infrared Body Wrap is a dual action infrared heat wrap. The 'first action' is the Far Infrared Heat from the body wrap system. The 'second action' is caused by what's called a FIT Booster mineral spray. You apply before you start your wrap. It's is supposed to boost and enhance results.

With the FitWrap the client takes about 10 minutes to prepare themselves for the Body wrap session. The infrared session is 60 minutes long.

With the Formostar body wrap it requires a tanning or body wrap consultant to put the various pads on the client. The Fit body wrap is designed for the client to prepare themselves...

  • Put on a Fit Coat...a synthetic plastic looking coat which is supposed to 'lock in' the fit booster solution/spray.
  • Enter the Wrap system...this basically means you put two wraps on. One for each arm. Then you cover yourself with one large wrap which is basically like a sleeping bag.

Your whole body is covered which reduces the cold spots. During one's body wrap session you can control the heat yourself and custom adjust it in 4 different zones: arms, abdomen, upper legs, and lower legs.

I do know that FIT is a good system because a friend of mine is using it in his salons and he really likes it and he says the results are better than Formostar (he used to have Formostars).

Test The Market!

If you want to buy new you may want to go with the Fit Body Wrap. But if you are not sure if it's going to work in your salon, get a a used infrared body wrap....

You are more likely to find a Formostar used than a Fit body wrap because there are a lot more Formostars out there. And if you see results from your efforts (you have to market and sell it aggressively), buy a new FIT, Formostar, or ThermoJet.

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