HVLP Tanning System Tips and Suggestions!

Here are a few important hvlp tanning system tips that may help you in your quest for the right hvlp airbrush tanning machine.

Most airbrush tanning systems or kits on the market today include the following:

  • 110V compressor
  • Regulator
  • Moisture trap
  • Braided lines with remote regulator and gauge
  • Double action airbrushes

HVLP Spray Tan Quick Links

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HVLP Tanning Part 1:

Airbrush Spray Tan Basics: If you do not know what a compressor is, it is the machine that takes the air and compresses it to build up pressure and lower its volume with a pump that then forces the air into the piston chamber. This air that has been compressed is then put into a storage space until it needs to be used. The compressors in spray tan systems can need oil or there are oil less models that are much more convenient. Compressors that use oil also expel fumes that can turn clients away. There are also compressors designed to make less noise because a noisy compressor can make for an uncomfortable salon experience.

Double action airbrushes are to best because they let the operator have the most control over the amount of color and flow of air that is coming from the airbrush. Both of these need to be at the right amount to get the tan even. It gives a professional the ability to change from a fine mist to a solid color in just one pass.

HVLP Tanning Part 2:

There are two kinds of dual action brushes used in most spray tan systems:

  1. There are Gravity-Feed brushes that keep a reservoir on its side or top that hold the tanning solution. This causes the amount of tanning solution available to be limited to what is in the reservoir. They are made to be used in very detailed work such as on the face and neck.
  2. Then there are Suction-Feed brushes that suck the tan solution up out of a reservoir that is sits below on the ground. This reservoir hold a great deal more solution and can do a full body tan with out needing to be refilled but the larger reservoir can be cumbersome and get in the way of the operator.

HVLP Tanning Part 3:

There has been great advances in airbrush systems in recent years. No longer do clients have to sit through loud sessions being barraged with compressor noise. Now there is a great innovation with HVLP, high volume-low pressure, spray tanning systems. HVLP is quickly becoming the preferred system for salon owners and spray tan operators.

HVLP Tanning systems have many advantages including:

HVLP tanning sessions are done in only a fraction of the time. Not only will this allow you to get clients out faster, making them happy, but will also enable you to do more sessions in a day.

  • Allows the tan to dry much faster
  • Less spots of dust settling
  • Produces constant, smooth tan results
  • Allows technicians to use toning and shading techniques the will had depth and make the tan look more natural
  • Less fog and over spray. Conventional air compressor systems let up to 80% of the tanning solution mist out into the air to settle on the operator, all over the room and even back on the client. This can lead to an uneven tan and a large mess to be cleaned up after each session. If the clean up process between sessions is easier, it will also make for more sessions in a day.

HVLP systems break up the stream of solution that is coming out of the end with a great deal of air but at low pressure which makes it into a very fine mist. This lowers the bounce back effect and give the most even, natural tan available from a spray tanning system.

  • Best HVLP Tanning System: Apollo Whisper Mist
  • Best HVLP Mobile Spray Tanning System: Apollo Mini Mist and Sun Mist.

Lower priced hvlp airbrush systems for the budget conscious are reviewed here (and they are darn good).

Best place to buy an Apollo HVLP airbrush spray tanning system is Ebay...

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