The Infrared Body Wrap. A Salon Owners Guide...

Infrared rays from an infrared body wrap system penetrates deeper into your tissue than regular weight loss body wraps, and reach ligaments and joints where pain resides, and you can target cellulite. infrared body wrap The infrared heat steadily circulates blood and can get rid of blockages and as a result deliver more oxygen which relieves pain and takes the weight off.

The infrared heat does not make fat disappear. The infrared body wrap heat breaks down stored fat and converts it to fatty acids and your muscles then use the fatty acids for energy.

Side Bar: If you want an infrared body wrap for your salon we may be able to get you a good deal through our connections. We do not gain anything from helping you get a deal so only contact us if you are ready to buy.

When you sweat, the sweat is fueled from the energy from the converted fatty acids. You burn more than just water weight. You burn calories, fat, and it can reduce cellulite.

Infrared body wraps are known to relax people and relieve stress, give you softer skin and simulate energy consumption.

Infrared body wrap main benefits (which will help you sell it):

infrared wrap system

  • Cellulite reduction - An infrared body wrap targets cellulite deposits. You can target any areas the you have concerns with. The infrared wrap treatments help reduce fat and toxins which get stored in your skin.
  • Toxins Eliminated - Because the infrared heat penetrates deeper than traditional body wraps you get more toxins treated.
  • Melts Fat - It is proven to melt or liquefy subcutaneous fat into fatty acids, and your body then eliminates them through sweat.
  • Circulation - An infrared wrap will improve blood circulation and this helps reduce cellulite, relieves pain, and can accelerate healing.
  • Burns calories - you can burn anywhere from 900 to 1400 calories in one 60 minute session. This will be one of your main unique selling propositions: Burns Up To 1400 Calories Per Session! Because people want to burn calories, fat, and lose weight more than they want to relieve stress, pain, and detoxify their body (and it works).
  • Boosts metabolism - The wrap has distinct similarities to a workout. The main difference is that you are lying down versus running, riding a bike, or swimming. It's a great alterative to your workout regime. We have elite athletes doing it to relieve pain, and detox their bodies.

The Truth About Infrared Wraps For Salon Owners:

When we first go our infrared body wrap system I used it consistently for 2 months to treat my knee injury. I always felt like I finished a good workout afterwords, and my energy increased. Not to mention my knee felt better and I lost a few inches.

Not every person who uses it will achieve results. Some people won't like it because it's hot, and if you use a Formostar and you are not managing your client well they will get burn marks which makes clients unhappy.

But you will sell it consistently and get raving fans.

The key to success selling an infrared wraps is to get your staff to use it and rave about it. In addition you need to market it through your offline and online promotions.

Some salon owners do well with it, some do not. The ones who do not do well or get mediocre results are not believers or their staff is not, and they are not very good at selling or marketing. Or, their market just is not interested in it (this is rare since weight loss is a universal desire).

The main infrared body wrap systems for salon owners are:

There are others the top two are Formostar and Fit Body Wrap. Fit Body Wrap is quickly gobbling up Formostar owners because the system is easier to set up, clean, they have good support, parts are not as expensive, and the results are good.

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