Lumiere Light Therapy and Tanning Salons!

Can light therapy increase your bottom line profits? Lets go over the benefits of light LED technology.

The leader in LED technology is Lumiere.

Customers who have used Lumiere claim that they get an improvement in their wrinkles, their skin feels smoother, and they feel a better sense of well being.

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According to Lumiere, studies show that when LED light therapy is used, there is a significant wrinkle decrease, and skin becomes smoother and clearer. Overall, there is a 74% wrinkle improvement, and an 84% smoothness and clarity in the skin as well.

The way Lumiere Light Therapy Works:

According to studies, when one exposes their skin to LED light their skin grows up to 200% faster. As a result the LED light therapy improves your skins appearance, wounds heal faster, and scars and burns heal faster as well.

The marketing advantage is quite good for tanning salon and spa owners who want to attract new clients. But it comes down to marketing and results.

If your marketing is bad you won't get as many new clients in the door. But if your clients get results you will grow your business from repeat sales and referrals. So if you have a good combination of marketing and providing a good experience for your customers you will do well, in my opinion.

It also comes down to demographics. If most of your clients are of the younger generation, they are not so concerned with getting rid of wrinkles. But acne may be your angle. And it works! But so do tanning beds, right? So do your due diligence in terms of demographics in your client base and in your community to see if it has a better chance of success.

For tanning salon owners, the question becomes, 'Should I get the Lumiere or a hybrid tanning bed LED light therapy unit?'

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The first and most well known hybrid unit would be the Rejuvasun by ETS. They combined with Lumiere to create a combination tanning bed and LED light facial to give the benefits of both tanning and light therapy.

The Jury is out on what is best for you salon. But let me give you my thoughts...

At first glance the Rejuvasun has the best of both worlds. But in reality you just know if it's going to fly with your clients. The only way to really know is to test it. But these beds are costly.

Lumiere on the other hand is not as expensive, but it's a chunk of change ($15K retail).

In my opinion I would get the Lumiere because it will attract clients that don't want to deal with a tanning bed situation. Also, Lumiere does not take as much power and has a smaller foot print.

The fact that not many Lumiere units are available on the second hand market might tell you that they are decent money makers for salon owners.


  • Less power
  • Small footprint

Rejuva Sap:

  • Combination tanning and LED technology
  • More power
  • Larger footprint
  • More expensive

I think going with the Lumiere is the way to go because it will attract a new clientele that does not want to lay in a tanning bed or has negative opinions on tanning beds.

What I like about the LED light therapy is that you can leverage off the fact that it's the same technology that almost 4000 dermatologists and plastic surgeons use, but you can offer it at a fraction of the price for a 'clinical setting'.

It's also proven technology. It's proven to be the most effective treatment for skin rejuvenation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles (face and neck area), and lessen the effects of skin conditions like acne. It gives clients a smoother more youthful appearance.

Also, tanning is seasonal and Lumiere or Rejuvasun can help combat it.

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