Mobile Spray Tan Business Tips

mobile spray tan

A mobile spray tan business can be a fun and exciting venture for the right person or salon.

The flexible hours and potential income are desirable. However, it does require one to cater to it as a business.

A mobile airbrush tanning business requires one to create a business plan, create quality marketing, and hard work.

If you are starting a mobile spray tan business as an added value service to your current salon, then you can probably focus less on the business plan, and more on testing your market.

Before you invest a lot of money in mobile spray tan equipment, spend less to minimize costs and see how the business develops. I don't mean spending money on cheap airbrush solution and machines, but don't buy the top of the line equipment.

Even the mid range airbrush tanning equipment is good now.

You'll need quite a few supplies for your mobile spray tan business. But the bare bones supplies you'll need are...

  • A good airbrush tanning system that is very mobile and not too heavy.
  • Airbrush tanning solution (get the good stuff).
  • A spray tan pop up tent.
  • A duffel bag if your mobile unit does not come with one.
  • An extraction fan.
  • Baby wipes.
  • Big towels.

You won't always need the tanning tent or fan when you go to a clients home. But you will in some cases. If the weather is good you can do it outside, on the grass on a towel. Just be prepared and find out about the location.

There's more you discover you'll need along the way but I think that basically covers it.

As you continue with the mobile airbrush business you'll find that you'll need other things like a back up airbrush system (a cheap one in case you have a problem). And additional airbrush parts for your system because things always go wrong with technology.

Of course, don't forget to bring product like moisturizers and spray tan touch up spray to sell.

But just getting the equipment and supplies is one thing. You'll need to be properly trained on how to use your airbrush equipment and spray tan solution to make sure your clients get good results. Read this article on spray tan training.

Once you get trained and you have the equipment for your mobile spray tan business, now it's time to get some clients. If you are a salon owner you have a client base to work with. If you are starting out with no clients, then you'll have to work really hard to build up your client base. Read this article on the airbrush business for specific ideas and tips.

A mobile spray tan business can be lucrative if you have the right market for it. It is seasonal so you may need to have income coming in from another source if it's your primary business, so keep that in mind.

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