How To Open A Tanning Salon

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tanning salon profitsTips on how to open a tanning salon: Most people who discover tanning or the tanning industry are lulled into the excitement of opening a salon because of the potential to make money, and it looks easy to start up and manage it.

You see, you would think that simply checking people into tanning beds or a spray tan booth would be easy. And you don't need a dozen employees running around attending to customers.

This is both true and false. You don't need as many employees as a restaurant, and you don't have to manage food costs in the tanning business. But it's like comparing apples to oranges. The tanning business can be rewarding and fun. But it's no easy task. It too has it's challenges just like any business.

The first reality check before people open a tanning salon are the actual start up. They are sign
ificant compared to some small business ventures. We cover in some detail in our tanning salon start up costs article.

tanning salonHere is a bit of free information on opening a tanning salon...

You must do your due diligence. Opening a business is really an excercise in risk management. The more reliable data you get, the better you'll manage your risk.

Before you decide to open a tanning salon, you need to do a thorough job of...

  • Researching your market. What are the demographics of the area you are considering. Is the population large enough to support another tanning salon? Is their income at a significant level to afford tanning salon prices? In may be that you area is too wealthy and won't buy tanning services and may prefer spa services. Or, just the opposite. Know your market!

  • Finding A Location. Is there an opportunity to open a tanning salon in a good location? A good location has good parking, high visibility, an quality anchor store (more is better), and constant foot traffic.

  • Budgeting. How much capitol do you have to invest in a new tanning salon? Do you have enough for build-out, tanning equipment, marketing, and at least 6 months of seed money to keep you going until you have enough cash flow to support your business?

  • Doing It At The Right Time. Are you allotting enough time for opening your tanning salon before busy season? You don't want to open your salon at the beginning of the slow season, unless you have enough money to get you through. It's best to open a month or two before the busy season starts to get your feet wet (if it's your first tanning salon), get real world training under way, and have a good soft opening to get any kinks out.

These are some...I repeat, some of the things to consider when you open a tanning salon.

Quick Tips On How To Open A Tanning Salon:

tanning salon successBe extremely cautious of free information, or cheap information on opening a tanning salon.

Also, avoid free tanning salon business plans (or free general business plans) that might be floating around. Nothing will set you up for disaster than a free business plan that someone else threw together for who knows what reason.

Don't study and/or get advice from someone who has never spent a dime on their own Successful business. It could turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make. You get what you pay for. Work with, and study people who are successful and really have opened and run a quality operation.

When we first opened up, we invested in a consultant in the tanning industry, a killer business pricing tool, and we have our own street smart knowledge of running, managing, and marketing a business. But you necessarily need a background in these things to get started. Just learn as you go, and keep studying and asking questions of the pros. Weigh the risks based upon sound information and data, and you will have a better chance of success in any business venture you take.

If you need references to quality books or you need a consultant to help you open a tanning salon, bookmark this site or contact us for a potential consultation.

Recommended Book:

How To Open A Tanning Salon (Or Spa).


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