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spray tan business

Consider whether you want a fixed, mobile, or a fixed and mobile spray tan business operation. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

A fixed operation is great if most of your clients prefer to come to your salon. A mobile airbrush tanning business is great for busy, or VIP customers. However, the market is limited for mobile applications.

How Do You Know If A Spray Tan Business Will Take Off?

The first way to identify if you have a market is to ask your current customers. Another identifier is to take note of how often a potential customer calls and asks for airbrush tanning, or spray booth tanning. Ask your employees to take notes and actually count the number or requests for each a month or two before you are seriously getting the operation going.

If you are just starting out, you can do a keyword search online using Google's keyword tool. See how many searches clients are doing for airbrush tanning LOCALLY. Also...

Ask local tanning salon owners, salon owners, and spa's if they would like to do a joint venture where you split your fee. This is a great way to get a running start.

Spray Tan Business Marketing Quick Tips:

Here are the first 3 marketing strategies you should get going right away:

  • Joint ventures as described above.
  • Pay Per for traffic to your airbrush tanning business website.
  • Coupons...test a spray tan coupon in 1-3 different coupon books.

During The Spray Tan Session:

  • Upsell additional spray tanning sessions at a discount.
  • Upsell self tanning 'touch up' products and skin care products.
  • Leave a catalog of your self tanning products and services with a coupon.

spray tan marketing

Here is what you need to do after the spray tan session:

  • After you finish the spray tanning session, send another marketing piece to get them to come back and try it again. And then after that, send a referral request letter which offers a reward for their referrals.
  • And after that, send a survey to find out how well you performed, what you can improve upon. Offer an incentive for filling it out.

If you follow the tips and suggestions in this article you should do well in your spray tan business. There is no guarantee they will all work. Every business endeavor has it's risks which include a loss, and even potential failure. Do you due diligence.

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