Spray Tan Training Tips, Marketing, and A Spray Tanning Guide Recommendation

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If you don't have spray tan training for your employees, or you haven't gone through it yourself you may be missing out on opportunities to grow your spray tanning business.

Before I get into my airbrush tanning training recommendation, here are a few airbrush and spray tanning business tips.

Marketing And Spray Tan Training Quick Tips:

Whether your airbrush tanning business is in a fixed location or you have a mobile sunless spray tanning business, it can be more profitable...

  • Existing salon owners can tap into their customer base and upsell custom airbrushing or spray on tanning services i.e. Msytic Tan. So send a mailer to the most likely candidates for custom airbrush or regular spray tanning.

  • Get your employees spray tan training right away. Those that show the most enthusiasm will sell the most custom airbrush and regular spray tan. Make sure they do it themselves.
  • Once you establish your spray tan business, offer to spray tan training to other salons outside your area. It can be a great way to make a few extra bucks on the side, network, and you never know when you might need some spray tanning solution Fed Ex'd to you, or you need a part right away...

A spray tanning business as a stand alone operation has it's advantages. You can focus on one thing and do it very well versus having multiple services that can spread you thin if you are doing them all yourself. Secondly, you can do it with few or even no employees. And spray tan training your employees is fun, and quite easy to do.

However, you have to get the right spray tan training if you want to succeed. There is a lot more too it than just buying an airbrush tanning machine and other equipment.

You have to get the right equipment, spray customers properly, and give them a good experience.

Marketing is key. You must have a consistent marketing strategy in place which includes low cost and more expensive alternatives like advertising in coupon books, the Internet (local targeting), Text Message Marketing, and testing newspapers and direct mail (list targeting).

But your best bang for your buck is to leverage off of other businesses customer bases. Most mobile and fixed location airbrush tanning businesses don't take advantage of this, so now you know...

Get a pool of joint venture business partners and ask them to refer you to their customer base. In return you will give them a percentage of the sale, a free airbrush, and you will refer your customer to them. This is particularly important for start up spray tanning business owners.

People need incentive to refer you to them. They won't just do it because you ask (sometimes they will, but it's always better to give them a wow experience).

Spray tan training and marketing: Spray tanning success is not limited to advertising strategies. A solid marketing strategy is closely tied to the overall customer experience.

How well you perform a custom airbrush tan AND how well you work with the customer from beginning to end will result in higher sales and more referrals.

For more tips on an spray tan business and how to market it more effectively read this article.

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Look, even if you break even on your first 20 or 30 customers that came as a referral from you joint venture partners, you are still doing well. You have to look at the big picture...

  1. You would not have acquired these proven buyers of your services without your JV partners.
  2. You can now leverage off of these new customers and sell more products and services, and acquire referrals (get a referral marketing system going).

A spray tanning business needs to be treated just like any other business even if it is an ad-on service to your existing salon or spa.

I recommend airbrush tanning training and proven spray tanning business materials and marketing from this source. It's well worth the money.

Brian Maroevich
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