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Spray Tanning Marketing Question: I recently implemented one of your thank you marketing strategies I got from you with a bit of a twist. I've started a mobile competition tanning business to provide competition spray tanning for women who compete in fitness and modeling stage shows. My initial approach: send an email out to all my competition friends with the subject line: Bonnie offering FREE Airbrush Tan For Contra Costa Fitness Client Referral. The offer was that if a friend refers a competitor to me, I'll give that friend a free bronzer instant spray tan. Attached is the email I sent out for your reference.

So, I did this on Sunday 4/3 and I've gotten no replies, Crying face. Any suggestions on what to do next? What did I do wrong?

I'd appreciate your perspective. Thank you for your time.

My Answer to The Spray Tanning Marketing Question (With additional details):

First, a congratulations on actually doing something! Most people who buy my course don't do anything and sit on it. Which is confusing to me because there is so much to be gained from it, and it's fun...

There are problems to fix on this right away:

It's a good idea to test other ideas and be creative. But I suggest you use the strategies all together and don't change them very much (at least the thank you, survey, and lost customer ones).

As described in the material, in order to get your clients and potential clients to refer and buy more stuff from you, you have to give them a good experience. And a good experience includes the mini systems in the material because: people - your clients - never get thank you notes, or a follow up lost customer promotion, and rarely get a survey.

Once you have those in place your lifetime value per customers should increase. If it does not then you need to have a mystery shopper shop with you (yes spray tanning -- mobile), and give you an honest assessment of your business from a buyers point of view.

Use a newsletter to further increase the experience factor (wow factor)! This is huge, especially in spray tanning marketing, (this technique is not included in the 4 Mini Systems Marketing Material). Get it here.

After you have these systems in place (thank you, lost customer, survey, newsletter) then you can start a refer system. You can do a refer system in the front end but it will have better results after the system are in place because...

When you ask for something without giving something response will be very poor (unless the basic experience in your mobile spray tanning business is stunning).

Lastly, don't get upset, your marketing pieces are very poor aesthetically, and the copywriting is not up to par.

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Spray Tanning Marketing Email (Referral Contest):

  • The headline is OK, but not congruent with your market. Do not use all caps.
  • The body copy is to aggressive in the beginning. You need to lead up to your offer and give a reason why you are offering it.

  • There are to many restrictions on your offer.
  • Use a real email address from a real website. It shows that you are more successful. It's not a big deal but every little bit helps.
  • Do not use a colored background or background wording

As described above in the spray tanning marketing answer, the main problem you are having is that your clients or prospects have not heard from you before, and the first time you contact them is through an email and an offer to do business with you.

You have to build the 'right' to make an offer.

Secondly, email open rates are extremely low. 20% is considered good these days so you are losing 80% of your audience instantly.

Follow the tips above first, and then do a combination direct mail, email offer.

If you just want to do a referral program, then you should improve on the ad copy and layout, and then systematize it. Do a sequence of 3 or 4 mailings with a deadline date and test an additional bonus (something of low cost but high perceived value).

Thank you and good luck,Brian Maroevich

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