Tanning Salon Business Cards and Where To Get Good Ones Cheap!

Tanning salon business cards should be kept very simple because the majority of your business will come from drive-by's, referrals, and online and offline marketing (which you should have all systematized and planned out).

tanning salon business card

Keep reading for specific tips on your tanning salon business cards that will help you grow your business...

Side Bar: We get all our business cards, letterhead, postcards, stamps and everything from this company. And they are super inexpensive. Plus you can upload your logo or just an image and make your own in minutes if you don't like any of their templates.

I would stick with something in between for testing. Use the back of a simple business card that has a good offer on it.

A simple tanning business card can be as simple as something with your logo and contact information, to as complicated as a foldable business card with all kinds of information and a coupon or two (and you can get even more advanced).

You can have a pretty girl or couple on the front to grab attention, include your logo, and be sure you contact information and website are easy to see and read. And that's about it.

I've used local printers, FedEx Kinkos, Overnight Prints, and many other printing and business card companies and nothing compares to the online company above.

You can use their pre-designed templates for tanning salon business cards or you can start from scratch and make your own with their easy to use interface. It's actually kind of fun too!

upload a picture

Advanced tanning salon business card ideas also include using a gimmick to get attention. For example you can use folded money to really get attention (like a million dollar bill) and then have a selling proposition headline inside that says, "Do You Want To Look Like A Million Bucks?"

You can use odd shaped business cards. Maybe a business card in the shape of a tanning bed, surf board, or any other design. That will really grab attention!

Also you can use plastic business cards. These are new and different and will grab attention as well.

Or, spend more and get tanning salon business cards that are magnets. So instead of giving out business cards give out magnets.

Here's an idea. Use your attempt at designing a business card as a way to contact your clients and make more money: Have a contest...

Contests are really good social media marketing techniques. You can get people to go to your contest page and vote on one of your designs, or maybe even have them present an idea or design. The winner will get a free gift (make it really nice and have second and third place as well).

Where do you get tanning salon business cards? Don't use any other service than this one because their prices are very low, the quality is good, and they deliver very fast.

Hope that helps you on your quest to create the ultimate salon business cards that make you money and don't just sit on your desk or in your car :-)

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