What Tanning Salon Equipment Is Right For Your Salon?

Comparing tanning salon equipment in two randomly selected tanning salons is like comparing a $250,000 home in Chicago to a $250,000 home in San Francisco. Many salon owners have different ideas and tastes, and what they can afford dictates what the home will eventually look like.

Tanning salon layouts and design may have similarities across the nation, and even world wide, but the look and feel can vary dramatically. And it's the tanning salon equipment that ads the final touch.

When considering tanning salon equipment, one thinks first of tanning beds, spray tanning booths and airbrush systems, and possibly spa related equipment like Aquamassage. Here are a few suggestions to consider as you search for tanning beds and spa related equipment.

tanning bed

Before buying your tanning salon equipment, you should consider...

  • what demographic you are locating in
  • power availability
  • what your salon theme will be
  • the size of your location (space)
  • and how much money you are budgetting.

Tanning salon equipment and spa equipment vary in size, aesthetics, power consumption, and price. Your equipment will play a major role in the overall short term and long term success of your salon.

For example, Soltron tanning equipment (tanning beds) appeal more to a younger, hipper crowd with very flashy, bright colors. They might do well in a college town, or a trendy energized city like Miami Beach. But Tansees or Sun Ergoline tanning equipment might be a better match in a slightly upper scale, mature environment. This is just my opinion and I might be wrong.

Also, are you going to have stand up tanning beds? How many? Do you know for a fact that your potential clients will use a stand up tanning bed? If you are not sure, it's a good idea to get one to see how well it does. Some salons can't have enough of them, while others are a waste of space.

stand up tanning bed

In addition, you don't want to buy a couple of high pressure units that take up 60-80 amps each if you only have a 200 amp breaker and you want a 10 or 12 tanning bed salon. You'll need more like 300 or more.

But if money is not a problem for purchasing tanning salon equipment, and neither is power, you should decide upon your tanning equipment based upon what you think your customer wants and not just what you want. Do a study of your area in terms of demographics, and then compare that to what is really doing well in the area from tanning salons and gyms, to spas and even clubs or restaurants and everything in between. See who is attending these businesses. Would they like your the tanning equipment you are buying or want?

Also, if you are going to have a mellow atmosphere with earthy colors and dim lighting, you may not want to put in a bright flashy tanning bed like a Soltron or one of the new Sportadero beds.

Good luck with your tanning salon. If you need any guidance, we are available to assist you. Let us know what your looking to achieve, and we can customize a consultation to fit your goals and budget.

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