Tanning Salon Franchise Tips

If you are considering a tanning salon franchise, here are a few of my tips and suggestions...

A tanning franchise is not for everyone. It is best for the person who does not want to manage tanning salon marketing, salon layout, tanning bed mix, and tanning lotions (buying a selling of).

It's also good for a person who needs help finding the right location, and getting support on business building and management.

Those things all sound good, but they come at a price. Some tanning salon franchises require a hefty up front fee just for signing on with them and making a commitment to open one of their tanning salon franchises. tanning bed A tanning franchise will also take a percentage of your sales across the board. As much as 11% of your gross! That is huge.

In addition, some tanning salon franchises require you to buy their lotions, and you cannot sell any other lotions in your salon. This can be a problem since you can get excellent tanning bed lotions and spray on tan products at very low prices and mark them up. Tanning lotions are a big part of a quality tanning salon's sales. So if they don't give you a good deal on the lotions, and you can't sell them, you are missing out on sales.

Also, you have to use your tanning salon franchise's marketing pieces and get approval to send out anything of your own. Some are strict in this area, while others are not.

You have the benefit of drawing from a brand name in the tanning industry, if you join a franchise. That can be a benefit if you open one in an area that has brand awareness. And, like I said, you will have support to work with in opening, running, and managing your salon.

tanning salon franchise

Do your research and due diligence on a tanning salon franchise that is right for you. They are in the 'for profit' business as well, so they make money on how well you do. So they have incentive to help you. But, like I said, it comes at a price.

Having your own tanning salon or spa without the 'big brother' problems and restrictions of a tanning franchise can be very rewarding. You get to choose your tanning bed mix, what you sell, and you are in control of your marketing.

Tanning Salon Tip: Call the top tanning bed manufacturers and ask them for help in choosing a good location, and helping your with your tanning salon layout and bed mix. They will do it for free if you buy their beds. You can get quality advice from some of the tanning bed companies. But be sure you work with a tanning bed salesperson with LOTS of experience. You don't' want to get advice from a new representative with no experience.

You can also consider a spray tan franchise. But I would recommend having both spray tan and tanning beds.

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