12 Tanning Salon Ideas, Tips, and Marketing Secrets...

Tanning salon ideas that will boost profits:

Tanning salon marketing idea #1: Royalty Rewards. For every purchase reward each client with cash to spend in your salon. Or give bonus points if you are on a point system.

Ideas #2: Introduce something new. 'NEW' sells. Try new services in your salon like infrared body wraps (everyone wants to lose weight and this is working for a lot of salon owners), spray booth tanning, custom airbrush tanning. At the very least have a new promotion every month, and carry new lotions and related impulse items on display constantly.

Secret: You are in the retail business more than you are in the tanning business. Study proven retail marketing techniques.

Tanning salon marketing idea #3: Provide discounts for product and lotion purchases and upgrades for each level of your club program. Don't have a club program? You're crazy.

Tanning salon marketing idea #4: One of the best tanning salon ideas that most salon owners take for granted or ignore...Improve your coupon and display advertising by using proven direct response marketing techniques. A small change in your advertising can boost response rates significantly. Test different offers and headlines.

Idea #5: Another one of the most important tanning salon ideas on the planet -- and also ignored unfortunately -- Build your online and offline list and take care of it. Build your list of inquirers and customers and market to them using proven internet marketing techniques. Use simple tracking software to monitor conversions to your autoresponder. Don't have an autoresonder? Get one now!!!!

Tanning Salon Ideas Part 2

Idea #6: Don't let your website stagnate. 99% of the websites I review are not being used effectively or not at all. Use local internet marketing techniques to get free natural traffic from the search engines, pay per click, social media, and video to drive a significant flow of potential clients to your website.

Idea #7: Do joint ventures with other businesses who can send you new business: nail salons, beauty salons, spa's, massage centers, wedding companies, etc. etc. You can reward them with a dollar value for every new client, give free tanning services, exchange lists, and much more.

Idea #8: Give a commission to your sales staff for selling packages and lotions. If you are not doing this you are missing the boat big time. Staff need incentives to sell your most profitable products and services.

Tanning Salon Ideas Part 3

Idea #9: Recognize top performers in staff. Recognition ranks higher than monetary rewards with employees...studies show!

Idea #10: Use a newsletter. Send a print newsletter with fun articles, informational articles, advertising, and much more. A print newsletter is a magic advertising tool (in conjunction with your autoresponder lead generation system).

Idea #11: Test different promotions. Scrap the ones that don't work. Try giving away a free spray booth tan or high pressure tan for buying a $40 lotion or more. Give 2 or 3 high intensity tans if you don't have a high pressure bed.

Idea #12: Do monthly staff sales training. At every salon meeting you should do role playing and go over the promotion and make sure they are delivering the message to clients every day.

Tanning Salon Ideas Part 2

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