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How To Recognize and Reward Your Best Employees

Did you know that satisfied and productive employees 'make' the salon business happen? It is a fact that customers choose the services of a certain salon based on how friendly the salon staff is.

Effective tanning salon management is important to the short term and long term success of your business. If you want to outshine your competitors you have to make sure you only hire and retain the best employees in your salon.

But how do you keep your employees satisfied, dependable and efficient? It's very easy: a positive atmosphere and team chemistry can be the key to an excellent salon staff. The result of this positive morale in the work environment will also affect directly your bottom line, and customers will crawl over broken glass to enter your salon.

Good employees are hard to find and hard to keep as well. In order to work with the best, you have to make sure you do the following:

- Treat them fairly
- Respect them
- Value and appreciate them whenever they achieve superior results
- Recognize their work
- Reward them accordingly

Your salon employees would definitely like to have achievements and efforts recognized.

It's always more meaningful if the tanning salon manager also notices and shares achievements. This tanning salon management technique refers to the concept of 'recognition'.

  • Use rewards for motivating and encouraging your salon employees to set a higher benchmark of their work. For example, monthly contests.

  • Choose a reward program that fits the image of your salon. Don't worry about having to reward your good employees with expensive items such as exotic trips; most of the time, cheaper, useful and meaningful rewards are more appreciated.

You can use some of the following ideas for your tanning salon management reward programs: certificates, plaques, event/sport/theatre tickets, time off, free services in your salon for a member of their family etc.

Every salon can set their own rules when it comes to reward programs, but here are the qualities most of them recognize: productivity, peer recognition, extraordinary achievements, and
length of service.

It is essential for a tanning salon and spa manager to recognize and reward the best employees. It's a crucial tanning salon mangement skill. Do it with sincerity and thoughtfulness and your employees will feel valued and appreciated for a job well done.

This way, you will manage to build an effective and professional team that will definitely boost your client base and increase your profits for the long run!

Our Very Best To You,
Brian and Angie Maroevich

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