Tanning Salon Marketing Ideas

A few tanning salon marketing ideas to jolt your sales...

Choose the right marketing strategies and you will be rewarded with an increase in sales. These tanning salon marketing tips and ideas will get you started.

You can begin by thinking about what it is you can offer a new client that comes in for that first tanning session. One thing your tanning salon could do is offer a discount on any future tanning sessions. That's great incentive to come back and it's good use of your marketing dollars since if they don't come back you are not out any money and if they do return, you are only out whatever you offered as a discount. It's a win-win all the way around. If they return, you can offer other discounts to give them the incentive to return again and again.

Your tanning salon marketing ideas need to fit well with your marketing goals, which should be based on the segment of the market that you are going to target. The amount of time you have allotted to capture that market share, how much of the market you want to capture, and what percentage of increase over last years sales do you want to see happen.

One of the best tanning salon marketing ideas that you can use is using different types of tanning salon promotions material. Those promotions can be sales brochures, direct mail-outs, television, radio, trade shows, and the internet. Not only should you have your own website but also you should use many of the other resources available online. You can post helpful information on your facebook fan page, use twitter, and use one of the many local forums, perhaps to answer questions. In addition you should use text message marketing. It's really hot right now, it doesn't cost very much, and the returns can be significant.

Your marketing needs to focus on keeping a competitive edge over your current competition and any new competition that should come along. You need to bring clients in and then make them "oh so happy," that they always return to your tanning salon.

Create a marketing idea and then a marketing strategy to bring your idea to life. When you think through your objectives and how to resolve them or reach your goal, you'll have much better luck than if you just wing it and hope things work out the way you need them to.

One tanning salon marketing tool that goes unused far too often has to do with your tanning bed supplier. Many of these large vendors that you buy or lease beds from offer co-op advertising programs, and they will supply you with extra lotion and promotional material for your tanning salon promotions. This is a great way to build the recognition and credibility that you need for a successful business.

There are plenty of other tanning salon marketing ideas, but these will definitely get you started in the right direction.


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