A Guide To Tanning Salon Names

Coming up with tanning salon names that match your business can be a challenge. However, it can be made easier with these tips that will help you name your salon or tanning salon chain.

retail spaceLet me start with a story that describes a common series of mistakes small business owners make all the time, and then I'll show you how to avoid them.

I was at the post office and one of the ladies recognized me as a consultant or marketing 'guy' from the business I was bringing in periodically. So she told me about a new restaurant her husband and herself were opening. But she couldn't decide on a name. I told her that she should make it short, and easy to remember. She said, 'That is great advice!' And she proceeded to show me three names. I said they were all catchy, but there was one that stood out, and was easy to remember.

She said, 'That's right, you said to make it short and easy to remember.'

A few weeks later I saw her again. She told me that although I mentioned keeping it short and easy to remember, she decided on a name that was short, but not easy to remember.

The lesson here for tanning salon names is what? Keep it short, make it easy to remember, and here is another tip...

Make it a clear description of what you do so that there is no confusion.

Business owners make a crucial mistake when they get emotionally attached to their business and business name. They believe that they are being really creative, but the reality is naming a salon is less about creativity and more about marketing. What's the most memorable name you can come up with that accurately describes your business? Answer that and you are golden.

Coming up with business names is much easier when you narrow your focus as described above. Promise!

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