Tanning Salon Postcards: Tips and Tricks

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Most tanning salon postcards used in marketing are created with very little thought and care. Are you ready to take your tanning salon business to the next level? Then it's time you discover the benefits of tanning salon postcards. Not only do they work they are extremely cost effective, and they are easy to use. Now what more could you ask for.

Direct mail postcards have long been proven as an extremely effective method to target a specific market and bring those individuals into your tanning salon. You can hire one of the many services that do this type of work or you can create your own tanning salon postcards following these easy steps.

Your Idea
You need to have a reason for sending out the postcards. What will the recipient learn about your tanning salon? And how are you going to stand out from other tanning salons doing the same thing. What value will the recipient receive that will make them happy they received the postcard.

Target The Right People
You can't just print a bunch of tanning salon postcards, send them out anywhere, and expect to see benefits. You need to target the right people using a marketing list you can buy from many reputable sources. If you are using your own list check it over first, and have it cleaned.

It's About The Headline
The very first thing the recipient is going to see and read is the headline. Based solely on this, they'll make a decision whether to read the rest. So that means you need to make your headline kick and get their attention in just seconds. Does your headline offer benefits or value? Do you identify your audience in that headline either directly or indirectly? Your headline needs to be honest and interesting, with a call to action.

What's Your Message?
Your headline works, so now you have to make your message noticeable. They'll read on to discover what you can do for them. Make sure you have a clear, concise message so you don't find your postcard tossed in the trash.

What Have You To Offer
Your offer should be specific and it needs to be relevant. If it isn't you'll be wasting your money mailing out your tanning salon postcards. Are they getting a two for one? A discount? A coupon? A free trial? Make it better than the competition and stay away from discounts whenever possible since they are just an endless spiral between you and the competition.

Track It
Once you've printed your cards, and sent them out to your targeted market, you will need to track the results so you can determine if your tanning salon postcard campaign is working. You will want to measure your ROI, and you would be smart to compare each campaign against each other.

Tanning salon marketing postcards are an excellent way to create interest and initiate action by the recipient. Of course they will only do that if they are designed with a marketing slant in mind. Remember you must also be ready to tell that potential client what is in it for them and why they should come see what you have to offer.

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