Review Of Tanning Salon Software

Good tanning salon software is one of the best decisions you will make in your salon. But unfortunately, many salon owners are looking for a cheap solution, and are hoping that they will get a great package from a salon software company.

We have used several software programs. First we started with Salon Touch. We inherited Salon Touch from a previous salon owner. Unfortunately it was very basic and sometimes inefficient. We found it hard to navigate, and the menu was not pleasing to the eye. I know, it shouldn't matter, but when you are staring at it all the time, it starts to look really old and archaic. But, Salon Touch works, and it's probably fine for a small salon.

Next we got Helios as a recommendation from a consultant. Much like Salon Touch, Helios is fine for a small salon. And some larger salons with multiple locations can get by on it as well.

We have not been happy with it. Why didn't we like it? The main ones were that it was hard to get reports we wanted, there were many glitches in the software; it would freeze often, and strange things would happen, like missing client data etc.

salon software

On top of that, to get all the salons hooked up (running on the same server) required a lot of time, money, and support. And their support is much to be desired. You can't call into a tech. They have to call you. And in our experience, when we needed to upgrade or upload a file to fix an error (which happened a lot), they weren't really helpful and left it up to us in several cases. They also have certain hours, and have a couple people on call on the weekends. Most often, it was almost like we were bothering them when we called in an emergency (when the software goes down or freezes).

There were several other problems with Helios tanning salon software, most notably with EFT's. This kept us up at night once or twice a month (like double charging), so we decided to move onto another program.

I hope we are not sounding to negative about Helios, because from what I understand, many salon owners are happy with it. But for our purposes it was not a winning endeavor.

Say Hello to SunLync tanning salon software! What a pleasure so far. They made the transition easier than expected (although it was a lot of work at first), and the support has been very good. You feel like they actually want to help you!

As a result of switching to SunLync tanning salon software we made a return on our investment quickly. We can write more about why that is at a later date, but so far we are really happy with the ease of use, the security features, reporting, and monitoring.

The security measures and tracking capabilities of this tanning salon software is far beyond any program we have used or seen. And we have more control over what the employees can and can't do. Everything is easier, which saves us time and money.

The menu, reports, and everything about it has been great. Finally, a good solution. Why didn't we do this sooner!