Basics Of Tanning Salon Websites That Convert Visitors Into Clients!

The basic goal of tanning salon websites should be to attract visitors, get their contact information, and convert them into tanning clients.

Too many salon websites focus on the layout and design, but do not focus on what the potential client wants from your website.

Tanning salon websites that get the best results are very simple, easy to navigate, and successful get potential customer to provide their contact information (in direct marketing this is called lead generation. A person who provides their contact information and/or wants more information is a 'lead').

Sure, you can get all kinds of bells and whistles for your tanning salon website (like getting customers to buy tanning salon packages online), but you don't need these things right away. Your goal should be to inspire potential customers to provide their contact information first, follow up, and convert them into customers. Get good at this, and then maybe you can step up to asking for the sale on your website later.

tanning salon website surfing

You may not want to stick with a simple lead generation system as described above, because 'simple' is always effective. Many salons throw money at a really super awesome looking website with sign up forms and graphics, but when it comes down to it, they don't convert. And it's usually because it's too 'busy' and complicated. That is not what people want.

Here are 7 Tanning Salon Website Tips to follow that will force you to create a simple, yet effective tanning salon websites:

  1. A header with the your company name, and a catchy slogan that clearly describes what you do.

  2. A headline in the body copy of your home page that inspires people to stay on your site a learn more.

  3. A navigation bar with only a few buttons. For example: About Us, Services, Contact Us, Equipment, Articles, Coupon, and maybe one or two more of your choice. Make them easy to read.

  4. Make every page simple to read, and clearly explains what it is you want your potential customer to know about your salon, and why they should join your customer base. Write like you are talking to them, and be sure to write about them and not yourself. In other words, try not to use 'We' very often in your writing.

  5. Do a very thorough job of asking for your potential customers contact information by providing quality free information they want and/or giving them a web only special.

  6. Provide quality articles that establish you as the expert in tanning and skin care.

  7. Do not use lots of graphics, colors, and flashy images. Certainly you want to create a favorable image of your salon on your website, but do not over do it because you will not only scare off your potential customers, but you will also make your site load slowly which will dramatically reduce your lead generation efforts.

There are more simple and advanced strategies that tanning salon websites use to create an effective web presence, but keep it simple and master the fundamentals and you will see measurable results in your web marketing efforts.

By Brian Maroevich, Salon Owner, Marketing Advisor